Yupeng Hou 侯宇蓬

houyupeng AT ruc.edu.cn

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I am currently a second year graduate student from Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence, Renmin University of China.

I'm fortunate to be advised by Prof. Wayne Xin Zhao. Visit AI Box for details about our research group. I also work closely with Dr. Xu Chen. My major research interest lies on Graph Machine Learning and Recommendation System.

I will apply for Ph.D programs (2023 Fall). Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested!


  • RecBole: Towards a Unified, Comprehensive and Efficient Framework for Recommendation Algorithms.

    Wayne Xin Zhao, Shanlei Mu*, Yupeng Hou*, Zihan Lin, Kaiyuan Li, Yushuo Chen, Yujie Lu, Hui Wang, Changxin Tian, Xingyu Pan, Yingqian Min, Zhichao Feng, Xinyan Fan, Xu Chen, Pengfei Wang, Wendi Ji, Yaliang Li, Xiaoling Wang and Ji-Rong Wen (*equal contribution).

    CIKM 2021, Resource Track. [arXiv] [bib] [ProjectPage] [GitHub] [datasets]

  • Learning to Match Jobs with Resumes from Sparse Interaction Data using Multi-View Co-Teaching Network.

    Shuqing Bian, Xu Chen, Wayne Xin Zhao, Kun Zhou, Yupeng Hou, Yang Song, Tao Zhang, Ji-Rong Wen.

    CIKM 2020. [pdf] [bib]

  • Learning Semantic Representations from Directed Social Links to Tag Microblog Users at Scale.

    Wayne Xin Zhao, Yupeng Hou*, Junhua Chen*, Jonathan Zhu, Jing Yin, Hanting Su, Ji-Rong Wen (*equal contribution).

    TOIS 2020. [pdf] [bib] [dataset & code] [demo (recovering)]



  • Research Intern, DAMO Academy, Alibaba

    11/2021 - present, Data Analytics and Intelligence Lab, with Yaliang Li.

  • Research Intern, Ant Group

    03/2021 - 09/2021, GraphML, with Binbin Hu.

  • Research Intern, Boss Zhipin

    09/2019 - 03/2021, NLP Center, with Zekai Wang & Yang Song.

  • Teaching Assistant, Renmin Univ. of China
    • 2020, 2021 Summer, Programming Training, with Wayne Xin Zhao.
      [Project Page 2020] [Search Demo for 2021] [IR Evaluator for 2021]
    • 2018-2019 Fall, Introduction to Computer system, with Yunpeng Chai.
    • 2018 Summer, Programming Training, with Feng Zhang.
    • 2017-2018 Fall, Advanced Programming, with Wayne Xin Zhao.


  • PC Member: WSDM 2022, KDD 2022.
  • External Reviewer: KDD 2021.


  • Star of the Graduates (10 of the graduates), Renmin Univ. of China, 2020.
  • Outstanding Graduate, Beijing, 2020.
  • Silver Medal, The ICPC Asia-East Continent Final, Xi'an Site, 2018.
  • Silver Medal, CCF Collegiate Computer Systems & Programming contest, 2018.
  • Xin Shan Scholarship (top 8%), Renmin Univ. of China, 2018.


  • I am passionate about algorithmic competition (E.g ACM-ICPC etc.) and have contributed algorithm problems to NOIP, CSP-J/S for several years. Click [here] to check out all the problems I have contributed.
  • Friends: Zefeng Gao, Gaole He, Junyi Li, Peiyu Liu, Ruiyang Ren, Kun Zhou.
  • Falling in love with Guanyue for days.  ❤️

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